post/origins of a woman 

Performed at Oyoun, Berlin
March 24 2024 & April  21 2024
supported by and commissioned for GADAG exhibition

also performed at Highways Gallery, LA, CA
& Headwaters Theater, Portland, OR

full documentation available on request

dance / vocals / choreography by Min Yoon tr. “Citizen Truth” @dancetotheedge
drums / electronics by Wieland Möller

This performance depicts violence, affect, tremors, and strength in the femme body. In a fantastical storybook of memories that span history >>>
Chapter 1: riding, being ridden …
Chapter 2: a toilet to receive …
Chapter 3: pain as a garment …
Chapter 4: healing in waves …
Chapter 5: to forget or forgive … …
… Outtro with audience

A satirical butoh dance piece of rebellion of the body … reminiscent of divisions, war, bodies, memories slipping through, holding on to a quiet power within attacks, waiting to start a new movement between two scores, trapped in an infinite loop, breaths in a chokehold, typhoons, desert, a hand longing, millions of lives, dissociating beyond // For Your Comfort ... ... ...

In the images of war that flood our consciousness, searching to reprocess and reroute in the present irreconcilable loops. In honor of, reclamation for 위안부 “comfort woman” i.e. victims of sexu

* This piece is a revival of a dance premiered at the Headwaters Theater, with music by Institute for Creative Dying.

* In the April 21 show, music was improvised by DAN SU.

photography by Thuong Dang

photography by Schirin Moaiyeri