2024 Dates

26 January 2024 | Organized Chaos presents: Experiments in Disappearing  at Gneisenaustraße 64 Berlin | 8pm+9pm Tickets
theater + dance by temporary collective: Bill Roberts, Gian Mellone, Jessica Gaynor, Nicola Bullock, and Min Yoon

1-29 February 2024 | Artist Residency at ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik)

22 February 2024 7pm doors 7:30pm show | Butoh dance performance at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin
An evening of solo butoh performances by visiting artists Maruska Ronchi, Anna Orkolainen and Min Yoon
with improvisation set with Wieland Möller and guests

16 March 2024  |  Solo Butoh dance + vocals at Dim Things Mahlower Straße 7, Berlin
+ Audio/visual performance by Ksenia Bashmakova & Fyodor Stepanov

performing “Conscious Newsroom”
21 March 2024 8-9pm // Second showing 9:30-10:30pm
ZK/U OpenHaus  at Siemensstraße 27, Berlin (in the Ständige Vertretung) - free and open for all
with butoh dance by Min Yoon, with my residency showing on how bodies remember the Berlin Wall, researching themes of divisions, reunification, and integration
+ drums/electronics by Wieland Möller
+ somatic group experiments with the audience
++ Throughout the entire night (7-11pm), there will be other showings by ZK/U fellows

performing “Post/Origins of a Woman”
with GADAG at Oyoun, Berlin, free without registration
24 March 2024 | Vernissage GADAG | dance performance at 7-7:30pm, with exhibition opening 4-10pm at Oyoun, Hall
butoh dance by Min Yoon and drums / electronics by Wieland Möller

A satirical butoh dance piece of rebellion of the body … reminiscent of divisions, war, bodies, memories slipping through, holding on to a quiet power within attacks, waiting to start a new movement between two scores, trapped in an infinite loop, breaths in a chokehold, typhoons, desert, a hand longing, millions of lives, dissociating beyond // For Your Comfort ... ... ...

In the images of war that flood our consciousness, searching to reprocess and reroute in the present irreconcilable loops. In honor of, reclamation for 위안부 “comfort woman” i.e. victims of sexual violence by the Japanese Imperial Army.

April 21 2024 | GADAG exhibition closing event  at Oyoun, Club
Performance 5-5:40pm
Structured improvisation of butoh dance by Min Yoon and music by DAN SU
// followed with 6-7pm: Anika Baluran Schäfer, Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn, Quang Nguyễn-Xuân and Việt Đức Phạm (J*Asians)

May 19 2024 |  at Europäische Akademie der Heilenden Künste
A special project of classical & improvised music with dance
with Johannes Heimrath (electric guitar), Klaus Holsten (flute), Beata Seemann (pianoforte), Wieland Möller (gong|drum), Min Yoon (butoh dance)

May 24 2024 8pm | untergrün at Lichtblick Kino Kastanienallee 77
butoh improvisation

June 5 2024 doors at 7pm, show at 7:30pm | Hošek Improvised & Experimental #205
with Wieland Möller (drums), Sam Hall (drums / electronics), and Min Yoon (butoh dance)

June 30 2024 3-6pm | BETWEEN THE BONES OF THE LAND // part of 48 Stunden Festival 
An outdoors scenic intervention on urban silence with butoh/contemporary dance and music
+ MUSIC + Antti Virtaranta (double bass) / Edith Steyer (saxophone, clarinet) / Wieland Möller (drums)
++ Contemporary / Butoh ++ dance by Franziska Gerth / Josh Dyffort / Katharina Resch / Lea Fulton / Min Yoon / Nicola Bullock / Rareș Grozea / Yin Cheng-Kokott
/// Everyone is invited to join for the entire duration of the intervention (3 hours) or join at different moments at the canal at Wildenbrücke (first 1.5 hours), into a walk to a small forest/playground at Spielplatz am Weichselplatz (last 1.5 hours).

November 9 2024 |  Kultur und Kinderkirche, eichstädt, Berlin
A special project of classical & improvised music with dance; celebrating decades of compositions written for distinguished musicians
with the Axis Quartet: Klaus Holsten (flute), Beata Seemann (pianoforte), Wieland Möller (gong|drum), Min Yoon (butoh dance)

2023 Dates

1 January - 30 June 2023 | Dancing Being in Time |  Solo Research Grant with Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Neu Start Kultur

1 January - 31 Dec 2023 | dancingwithviolence.com - available for free online
a participatory audio dance piece about the transformation of somatic memories of violence of an anonymous one
Artistic Direction, Dance Research, and Words by Min Yoon / Music, Composition and Sonic Landscapes by Wieland Möller // Words and Production by Rodrigo Zorzanelli // Movement Research by Nicola Bullock // Dramaturgical Advice: Jan Maihorn (sound / theater), Jessica Gaynor (dance / choreography), Tom Foskett-Barnes (sound / theater)


14 January 2023 | eventually x Relume  at Dock11, Berlin  |  tickets
Jonathan Nagel feat. Susanna Ylikoski x Min Yoon x Wieland Möller

6 April 2023 | solo improvisation at Trixxter, Oberbaumstraße 11, 10997 Berlin | 20:00 doors | 20:30 1st performance (on time)
part of brœk series curated by Bilwa Costa
other artists of the evening: Jiajing Zhang, Natálie Pleváková (Prague), aemlx, Sage Thrashers, Days Like Television

13 April 2023 | Organized Chaos at Gneisenaustraße 64, Berlin |  19h | tickets (almost sold out)
a multidisciplinary performance of raw theater and dance by temporary collective: Bill Roberts, Gian Mellone, Jessica Gaynor, Nicola Bullock, Lainey Malloy, and Min Yoon

22 April 2023 | New works-in-progress solo butoh by Min Yoon and Butoh-Pan group | Backsteinboot, Berlin
Butoh-Pan is by Maruska Ronchi (Italy), Luiza de Cnop (Brasil), Franziska Gerth (Germany) and Ilaria Vergani (Italy)

26 April 2023 | Improvised & Experimental  #162 at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin | doors at 19:00 | performance at 19:30
Trio Performance with Wieland Möller on Percussions, Germán Gabriel Garcia on Trumpets, and Min Yoon with Butoh Dance
fb event

13 May 2023 |  Social Cooling Choreographic Research Residency with Hen/i  | Akademie für Theater und Digitalität, Dortmund

9 June 2023 20h | Improvised performance at Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
Min Yoon (Butoh-Dance) Wolfgang Schwabe (Qin) Jung-Jae Kim (Saxophone) Lan Hungh (Percussion) Shiomi Kawaguchi (Shamisen, Effects) Fumio Okura (Violin, Organization) Isabel Anders (Piano, Organization) 

23 June 2023 19-22h | in cryses: dancing with strangers  | 48 Stunden Neukölln  Festival: Play(ground) | tinyurl.com/incrysis
at itz Berlin Interkulturelles Theaterzentrum: Schudomastraße 32 12 055 Berlin
A durational three hours participatory performance / experience. Please join for the whole evening or at the beginning of each hour/crisis.
19-20h - Crisis 1 // 20-21h - Crisis 2  // 21-22h - Crisis 3
with artists: Joséphine Auffray (dance) / Katharina Resch (dance) / Wieland Möller (percussions) / Eric Maltz (synthesizer) / Edith Steyer (saxophone|clarinet) / Min Yoon (concept|text|dance) 

26 August 2023 19-22h | butoh solo at  Kabaraoke Charity Gala | fortuna wetten, Karl marx str. 127 Berlin
presented by Tchivett, the house of Pommegrenhearts and Pina Brutal productions
on stage with Ugo Rex @hugo.x.tibirica_ ; Danilo Andres @daniloandrestrauko ; Min Yoon @dancetotheedge

24 September 2023 13-17h | dancing-being-in-time | EDEN Studios, Berlin
open studio + workshop on archiving impulses and pain in the body
open and free for everyone, supported by distanzsolo

October 22 at 7pm | bloom in FIRE | Headwaters Theater, PORTLAND, Oregon
performance workshop experience exploring the impulses of violence / transformation in individuals, relations, and groups
butoh ritual performance, free for everyone

October 28 7:30pm | LRT: Least Resistance Training | Headwaters Theater, PORTLAND, Oregon
butoh+somatic+voice collaboration with CYANE (vocals, movement) & Min Yoon (butoh dance, movement)
joined by  Kate Rafter (film + movement) + Dug Martell (lights)

November 4 7:30pm | Solo butoh performance  | SAN FRANCISCO
with solo performances by Min Yoon (butoh dance) & Shoshana Green (butoh dance)
improvisation sets with Phillip Greenlief (saxophone), and Kevin Corcoran (percussions)

19 November | Axis Quartet | European Academy of Healing Arts, KLEIN JASEDOW
Concert of classical & improvised music with dance
with Min Yoon (butoh dance), Klaus Holsten (flute), Beata Seemann (pianoforte), Wieland Möller (gong|drum)