Origins of a Woman, August, 2018
a butoh ritual performance with images, theater lighting design, and evocative music

... reminiscent of divisions, war, bodies, breath of memory slipping through, holding on to a quiet power within while being attacked, the moment of waiting to start a new movement in music between two scores, typhoons, desert, a hand longing for a hold at the end of a day, a lifetime, chasing the sun as it is setting, beyond ... ... ...

In the images of war that flood our consciousness, divisions between parents and children, women and men, this piece travels through history to how women in Korea were treated in WWII and seeks to heal, reprocess, and reroute in the present.

in honor of, reclamation for “wianbu”

Performed at the Headwaters Theater, Portland, Oregon
as part of Fe Faucet's Festival of Fending, August 2, 2018 
Butoh research by Min Yoon
Music by Paul Michael Schaefer, Prairie Madness, Institute for Creative Dying
Video by TJ Thompson
In artist residency with Water in the Desert

photography / Joey Binhammer

>>> Some recommendations for your home theater:
>>> I invite your attention, intention, and all that may arise in viewing. No refunds.
>>> You may watch this video against a sunset.
>>> You may watch this video, in the darkness of your room, with a good sound set-up, standing.
>>> You may watch this video while sitting on a toilet.

I hope to continue developing this piece. One of my dreams is to be able to perform this in Korea.