A Museum of Perspectives, 2017, Web/ Mail Experiment
Roles: Concept Design, Curation, Art

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password: opening

A Museum of Perspectives is an invitation to reach out and send a beautiful package of art to loved ones someone may feel disconnected due to political differences. It aims to connect people who are politically divided through art and the magic of snail mail, with the hope for building new bridges and the communication we need to begin to heal our country.

We started this project after hearing many friends say that they can no longer talk to family members who voted for Trump, “them”, even if “they” are family. Artists and friends have sent invitations with the link and password to potential senders in our networks who may feel disconnected from Trump supporters due to their political alignment. These potential senders will then have the chance to look at the package, personalize the package with their own letter or artworks, and mail it to someone they know personally. Then, they may also share the link and password to their networks of potential senders.

Exhibited at the WWW, Alley Cats Gallery, SF and We the Public, Seattle

In collaboration with Richie Rhombus, Rachel Reynolds, Michael Huff, Meriel Mees, Marisa Lee, Margaret McCarthy, Logan Williams, Kai Stewart, Hann Lindahl, Elise Bernal, Christina Tran, Albert Kong, Ahran Lee

Image, "Hope" by Logan Williams