Metatations, December, 2018

Metatations is an experimental web series for transmitting the senses of presence, compassion, and deeper connection

Metatation 1: Between
a meditative, improvised piece on the desire for connection between people who are hurt and divided and coping through the confusion, difficulty, and sadness within the #metoo transformation

Music: “cry words” / “invisible they” by Paul Michael Schaefer, Institute for Creative Dying

Art and series supported by community via Patreon
My gratitude to Liz M / Jorge M / Michael L / Charity B / Travis P!


Min Yoon tr. Citizen Truth is a butoh dancer, ritual performance artist, and dance and social justice scholar at the Tamalpa Institute, connecting the senses to what is deeper within, beyond what is socially accepted toward new expressions of truth, gestures, and images needed for skillful coping.