Journey to the End of the Night SF, 2015, Street Game
Roles: Co-Production, Lead Narrative/ Interaction Design

Journey to the End of the Night is an epic street game of chase, run throughout cityscapes around the world.

Two thousand players ran around San Francisco through dream-like, surreal, interactive experiences at various check-points, in order to hold on to their dreams. If they made it to the end without getting tagged, their dreams were lit up and shared in the waking world.

Original game by Ian Kizu-Blair, Sean Mahan, and Sam Lavigne

In collaboration with Thomas Lotze, Shannon Bruzelius, Josh Lee, Maria Pacana, Albert Kong, Catherine Herdlick, Alex Statan, Christopher Tai, Anna Vignet, Denise Grab, Sean McFarland, Michael Huff, and our many beloved volunteers