Joker’s Remorse, Butoh Ritual Performance

March 17 & 18, 2022 | Headwaters Theater | Portland, Oregon
dance by Min Yoon tr. "Citizen Truth" // music by Wieland Möller // lighting by Dug Martell // filming by Anda Arroway

Joker’s Remorse distorts and plays with the defeated, uprising, power, righteousness, exhaustion, chaos, and remorse. The body dances to edges and extremes to see what emerges.

This Joker dances for collective failures, remorse, grief, rage, and new turns, with the uncontrollable, allowing the inner tremors of anguish to rise and fall.

The Joker questions performing oppressive patterns as a rebellion, in this post-butoh attempt to queer emotionality.

This butoh dance choreography was developed as part of the two-week Movement Residency with Trauma Bar und Kino in Berlin, Germany. Its premiere is at the Headwaters Theater in Portland, Oregon.  Thank you to the Headwaters Theater and Water in the Desert for making this performance as well as the butoh community unimaginably possible.

Joker's Remorse | Trailer from Citizen Truth on Vimeo.

Images by Yozy Zhang