In Progress: Inner Mirror, February 2019, Collective Ritual Performance
Roles: Concept Design, Interview, Dance Research, Production

I am creating a performance with mental health patients as an artist-in-community with KultuuriKaupila, partnering with the Lähde! social services program in Ii, Finland.

We each have a unique phantasmagoria of identities from history, experiences, ideals, accidents ... It flickers in and out of time, stories, memories, emotions ...

Inner Mirror represents the ethereal and subliminal landscapes of how an individual reflects on their self-identity, through a public immersive installation, comprising projections, architecture, video, or audio. The individual of focus will be able to coexist with the intermeshing factors that make up their identity. The public audience viewing the installation will be able to sense this individual beyond what meets the eye e.g. skin color or gender.

At the final performance, the hope is that the public audience will be challenged to reconsider and broaden how they see an individual’s identity based on the unique perspectives of how an individual views their own identity. For the respective individual, we hope that being able to see and experience an artwork inspired by their perspective and self-identity will serve as forms of reflection, validation, and celebration of the unique confluences making up their identity.

* Previous iteration included inner-viewing a radical, Sufi woman of color on how she views her identity, in reflection of how we get to know each other in our politically divided and modernly fragmented times. Working in collaboration with the Living Room Collective: Aaron Wynn, Albert Kong, Crystal Titus, Justin Tang, Mike Katsevman, Min Yoon

Visual Proposals by Kali Gordon