butoh dance | images

Butoh dance pushes our spheres of consciousness beyond what is socially accepted in pursuit of new expressions of truth. In touching the edges, we can find the turning points for healing, acceptance, and transformation of nature, which includes ourselves.

photography / Jennelle Fong

photography / Tyler Hybeck

photography / Karla Mi Lugo

photography / Joey Binhammer

photography / TJ Thompson

photography / Anna Vignet

photography / Sean Barry

photography / Joey Binhammer

photography / Marisa Lee

photography / Myana Millison

photography / Liz Mak

photography / Christina Tran

photography / Manu Jamarillo

photography / Christina Tran

photography / Manu Jamarillo

dance / with Paula Helen
photography / Shannon Seven

dance / with Bad Unkl Sista
photography / Haley Jensen

dance / with Paula Helen
photography / Haley Jensen

movement / Bad Unkl Sista
photography / Haley Jensen

photography / Ursula Pehlke

photography / Sasa Than

guidance & photography / Mizu Desierto
guidance & photography / Anastazia Louise

photography / Magda Halon

photography / Haley Jensen

photography / Sharmila Naudou

photography / Albert Kong

photography / Noe Mi

choreography & photography / Mizu Desierto

happiness & dance / with Atsushi Takenouchi & Hiroko Komiya

photography / Meri Karhu


“I would love to offer you even something as tiny as a grain of sand. If only I could succeed in doing that, then I might fulfill my longing to share a part of my life with you. Isn’t it worth risking one’s life to offer something as microscopic as that tiny single grain of sand chosen from amidst countless millions? Take great care at all times. Even the most infinitesimal detail of the slightest gesture you make should be executed with loving care.
It’s never too late to start”

-from Kazuo Ohno’s World: From Without & Within

Min Yoon tr. Citizen Truth is a butoh dancer, ritual performance artist, and dance and social justice scholar at the Tamalpa Institute, connecting the senses to what is deeper within, beyond what is socially accepted toward new expressions of truth, gestures, and images needed for skillful coping.