Eye Gaze experiment, November, 2017

I was curious about different ways to experience a sense of presence and home. People were invited to play their favorite song to warm up then reflect on some questions that were held up in front of them using cue cards, either silently or out loud. A sample snippet and script below.

In collaboration with Tyler Krupp.
Eyes of Chris Gagne. Video shot by Anna Vignet. 


Think of this as a performance for the world. Regardless of whether they pay attention or not, you are here, being yourself. I love clowns who evoke emotions in the audience by using their own authentic emotions. People make fun of the clown, standing for humanity and the authenticity they wish to have more of in their lives.

The person on the other side of the camera, watching, is just another version of you in that we’d like to be connected, to be evoked, to be authentic, to lead more beautiful lives together.

I have a series of experiments to see what happens in relation to the experiments and between us. What gets captured will also be an experiment. We don’t have to try to do anything specific. You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing. I’d just like you to be yourself.

I. To start, do you have a song you’d like to listen to?

II. Cue Cards

Next we’ll be silent for the next bit and I’ll have a series of cue cards. With these prompts, I’d invite you to remember with vivid imagery, what you felt, what you smelled, who you were with.

Be slow with your remembering, your experiences.   

You don’t have to speak at all. If you would like to speak out loud, I ask that you pause for a few seconds before talking, then after talking.

Cue card questions:
- How are you arriving in this moment?

- Be with how you are arriving in this moment. Allow what arises for the next minute.

- What are you afraid of?

- What are you afraid of?

- What are you afraid of?

- They say to fight a bull when you’re not scared is nothing and not to fight a bull when you are scared is nothing. Imagine yourself facing your fear, with the fear, then overcoming the fear.

- Imagine the heroes in your life, fictional and actual, standing with you.

- When was the last time you felt loved, embraced for who you are?

- Without words, show me how much you love someone in your life.

- When was a time you got lost in the moment?

- What do you feel most grateful for in your life?

- Where do you feel most at home?

- How are you arriving in this moment?

III. Compliment.