CREEPCAM, 2014, Text/ Narrative Game
Roles: Game Design, Writing

A game about momentary voyeurism delivered semi-voluntarily in prose a text-based hidden camera snapshot

1) obtain consent with each player
2) play is mutual and reciprocal
3a) send [o] whenever you wish
3b) respond as soon as you see [o]
4) share an image, story, feelings as captured by creepcam in that moment
6) with as much detail as you're willing
When I send [o], I'm looking to get a hidden camera story of your life in this second.


CreepCam has been played by various communities, by some who already had each others' numbers, by some who remained anonymous. The following are sample CreepCam captures, exhibited with permission from senders.

Originally created to keep in touch with a creepy friend.

Imagine you’ve just texted “[o]” to a known or unknown number and received the following in reply.

(P.S. If you have my number, you're invited to play.)

“hiding in the Tenderloin from a bunch of nerf gun players”

“I was looking at the sublets board on Craigslist for Oakland
I was also resting my head on my hand and sighing.”

“swinging my right foot while looking at my phone for a break. It’s Friday and my boss is grumpy so I have to send what I have asap. It smells like chicken in the office?”

“imagining depressing subplots of characters from the 30s”

“Got ripped off by a taxi scammer because I was tired and I am a moron, now I am at my friend Ian's place drinking a beer.”

“drawing a bunch of buildings being struck by lightning.”

Nov 19 2014
“Helping a friend I haven't seen in 4 years take down his art show. We're not connecting like I thought we would, but I'm going to roll with it and assume the best.”

“Taking a moment to watch my significant otter stir some hot cocoa for an evening adventure. Taking it slow.”

“Had breakfast, reading the Dispossessed and tweeting quotes. Realizing at every page how much I feel connected to Shevek, whether because I am better at relating to fictional characters these days or because I truly do feel like I have moved toward his ideals in his ideals. Worked a lot these past few days (what others might call a normal amount) and taking a few hours to have a slow morning. Realizing time is limited and I need to prioritize better. But for now I will enjoy rereading this book.”

“Taking a break waiting for my flight back home. I’ve been super jetset and wondering what that does to my transience.”

“In a hazy state, piecing together some old journal entries. Sounds like a festival or song is passing by outside on the streets. It has passed so quickly though.”

March 14th 2015
“Making a service to serve more ads to people who don't need them in one screen(but it might save a few trees?), counseling a friend about depression related to lack of family connection in a second, writing a summary of a moment in my life to someone in a third.”

“Was taken by the warmth into a nap before being embraced by that of an old friend randomly in town. Like the nap, there had been a lull in our friendship due to distance but it was so quickly awakened. It was a lovely evening.”

“A bit stircrazy. Some good things to come this weekend for a loved one.”

“Just ending a wonderful meal that reminded me of my childhood- the sweet parts anyways.”

“In the transient moment of the elevator figuring out what I want to be like when I get out.”

“Just got home after having dinner with Tea. Pulling some Umberto Eco books putnof my backpack that I found on the sidewalk.”

“Went into another meeting! On skype now, wearing headphones. Everyone in this meeting has a creepcam on me. Listening to everyone else talking about their own projects but barely listening. MEetings suck.”

“I went and played board games with some friends tonight. Just stepped off the train and walking home in this gross melty snow and puddles, and i feel very grateful that i have good boots on.”

“In a Seoul hotel. A little sweaty from the heat but not as bad as NY. Bed right under the fan so i don't want to turn on ac. Lying in bed waiting to hear from Robert about where we're going. Everyone else is in another place, I barely know how to get around.”

“Past midnight, returned to work after going to a party to pick up the Uhaul i used this morning. Not stressed but a little checked out. It's humid here but not as bad as yesterday, not as bad as it's going to be later in the summer. White people making out in front of me.”

“Getting ready to find some food after a few hours of painting and don't feel great about how well we can get everything together in time for opening this business. Guess there's no choice. Covered in dust.”

Nov 14 2015
“Walking out of an elevator, I'm greeted by washed wood and the smell of Turkey. Generally, I'm feeling really good today but am lightly worried that I'm too weird for the world.”