BEFORE WE RUN TO THE MOON, Current work-in-progress, Butoh Ritual Performance

a performance project

of conjointed rebellion

in habitat for the new

image by cedric dhaenens

Planned to show at Headwaters Theater, November 6-7

What are the last images to flicker before the eyes... of collective conflict into collective care to transmit into the eyes of others? What would inspire us to stay... here on earth, here in our neighborhoods, here in our bodies? How do we dream of others moving alongside us ... with us … with what is hidden and what is shown? How do we find ourselves again and again in constant movement, in constant relation, in the challenging and the sweet? Do we dream as a collective body?

In this workshop experience / hybrid performance project,
~~~ you are invited to reflect on a personal conflict… this may be where there is a strong charge of emotions in your life, difficulties, dreams, deeper life questions, meaning, emotions, relationships.
~~~ you will be supported and facilitated 1:1 with Process Work’s methods of conflict resolution, dreams analyses, and cultivating a different kind of awareness + Tamalpa’s Life / Art Process of using the expressive arts medium to reach a deeper state + imagery and movements inspired by butoh dance
~~~ we will ask together - how are these personal conflicts related to world-level conflicts we face together? What do we see, feel, and dream around conflict and the social care around these conflicts
~~~ we will explore choreographic and artistic scores of relationality and collective movement, related to the themes and dreams that emerge from our individual needs, using improvisational methods and images inspired by butoh dance and nature
~~~ this creation is an experience for us. we will share parts of the process and creation in a community showing and reflection online with the intention to contribute toward further healing that is both ours individually and collectively.

If you are in Portland, Oregon and would like to inquire about participation, email 
by September 12.

image by peter besser