11/10 7pm - “On Violence & Nature”, ritual performance with Idexa Stern & exhibit at Black & Blue, SF, exhibit up through 12/8
       1/18 TBA - “Nothing for Sale”, butoh ritual experience Valu-mArt Show at Pro Arts Gallery
       3/14-3/15 TBA - “Breathless: A Fire Drill”, RAW Residency Showing at SAFEHouse

       dance of dark and light

finding stillness in chaos

         “all things shining”

creating meaning in a secular age

         a poetic presence

in unbounded interconnectedness

"To each of us, through our own particular history, has been given the potential for participating in a unique series of disclosures: the capacity to bring certain creatures and certain things into the brilliance of a more-than-reality. This potential is not so much a talent as a responsibility. When we fail to realize it, we are bottomlessly guilty."

         Kaja Silverman, World Spectators