butoh studies

With an activist heart, I’m interested in researching the dance and revolution we need for our times to heal, express, and create new forms of embodied movements, through deep remembrance in butoh dance. 

Butoh is an avant-garde dance of ritual performance and transformation, formed in Japan in the 1950s. Butoh combines aspects of contemporary dance, theater, and improvisation. Also called the “dance of darkness”, butoh pushes our spheres of consciousness and experience to beyond what is socially accepted in a pursuit of new expressions of truth. In touching the edges, we can find the turning points for healing, acceptance, and transformation of nature, which includes ourselves.


Dancer with Bad Unkl Sista
Jinen Butoh School, Toscano, Italy with Atsushi Takenouchi
Butoh College, Water in the Desert, Portland, Oregon with Yumiko Yoshioka, Maureen Fleming, Mizu Desierto, Anastazia Louise Aranaga, and Haruko “Crow” Nishimura
Darker Stills Studio, Oakland, California with Ariellah Aflalo
MySore Ashtanga Yoga, San Francisco, California with Sidney Huang


“Butoh is death standing up.” - Atsushi Takenouchi 

“I would love to offer you even something as tiny as a grain of sand. If only I could succeed in doing that, then I might fulfill my longing to share a part of my life with you. Isn’t it worth risking one’s life to offer something as microscopic as that tiny single grain of sand chosen from amidst countless millions? Take great care at all times. Even the most infinitesimal detail of the slightest gesture you make should be executed with loving care.
It’s never too late to start”
-Kazuo Ohno, from Kazuo Ohno’s World: From Without & Within

Death transforming into life
The flowers bloom within my body
Past and future
Memories from a time forgotten and passed, dreaming in my body